Excursion to Vitebsk

Today Vitebsk – one of the largest cities in the Republic of Belarus. Vitebsk – city of artists. It is called the “second Paris”. It worked Marc Chagall and Ilya Repin, Judel Pan and Kazimir Malevich, Robert Falk and Mstislav Dobuzhinsky and Vladimir Tatlin and Solomon Yudovin. With Vitebsk are connected biography of musicians. and. composers: Anton Rubinstein Leonid Sobinov Ivan Sollertinsky, Mark Fradkin and others whose names are given to streets, squares, parks.

Today Vitebsk is also known as the music capital of festivals. There are jazz, “bard”, children’s piano festivals, music festivals named I.I Sollertinsky, “Dixieland parades.” In 1988 and 1990, he held the All-Union Festival of Polish Song. Since 1992 Vitebsk became the capital of the International Art Festival “Slavyanskij Bazar”.

The outstanding event in the history of the city was the construction in 1898, the tram line. Vitebsk tram was the first in Belarus tram on electricity and one of the first in Russia.

The most famous sights of Vitebsk are: Freedom Square, Victory Square, Castle Street, Lenin Street, Moscow Avenue, Kirov Street, bust Masherov (street. Castle).


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