Excursion – Architecture Nalibokskiy edge Krevo-Halšany

By city: Halšany

Duration of excursion – 12 hours

Kilometrage of the route: 270 km.


During the tour you will see the Church of the Mother of God and St. Dominic Ruzhantsovoy built all the architectural canons of the medieval Gothic chapel of St. Anna from the Brahma-preserved bell tower, beneath which beats miraculous Krynica. many legends about its medicinal properties. One of them says: the blind old man in the dream was the Mother of God and showed a tree, next to which it was necessary to dig. In the morning the old man found a spring, it is the place that he saw in a dream. After washing crystal clear water Krynica, the old man received his sight. Since then, in the village of Rakov it is believed that the local water helps to heal from various ailments.

In Pershai your attention appear stylization monument of architecture of 30-ies of XX century. – Church of St. George. It was built with the help of well-known in these parts Tiškevičiai Petrasha local priest.

Here you will visit the famous monument of classical architecture, built in the early XIX century. like Bernardine Church – The Church of St. Joseph. The history of the temple goes back to the Middle Ages. In 1492, a rich landowner, founded the first wooden church in the name of St. Joseph. The second building of the church and Bernardine monastery appeared in 1681 at Vilnius kashtalyanine Jozef Bohuslav Slushke.

And it deserves attention because of the incredible beauty of Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. This is a rare example of the early Baroque to the Renaissance and Rococo elements, built in the XVII century. Here you will find spiritual peace and grace.

The ancient town Halšany was founded in 1280, when Prince Golsha shipbuilders crossed the river and on the highest mountain in the county decided to establish the lock. According to legend, a beautiful girl from the castle fell in love with an ordinary farmer, told all the mothers, to which she responded: “Let sink into the ground all around, but married to a beggar homeless peasant you’ll never get out!”. And lock failed. Golshan Old-timers remember that 50-60 years ago on the site of the hill was visible crack in the earth’s crust huge depth. By the way, this place runs a local tectonic fault. The main attractions of the town – Golshanskiy Sapieha Castle and Franciscan Monastery. The castle was built in the first half of the XVII century as the residence of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania podkantslera Paul Stefan Sapieha – a cousin of the famous author of the Statute of 1588 Lev Sapieha. Franciscan Monastery is famous for stories about the most famous Belarusian ghost – the White Lady – a fragile long-haired girl in a white dress, mysteriously appear and disappear in the halls of the monastery complex and the Black Monk.

In the village Baruny great historical value is Basilian monastery building – a monument of architecture of XVIII century. In 1833 the monastery was returned to the Orthodox, the church was renamed in the name of the Holy Virgin, in 1922 the church was handed over to the Catholics and to this day is the Catholic church of St. Peter and Paul. The church is one of the most revered Christian shrines Belarus – Borunskaya icon of the Mother of God of the XVII century.

Nice place Krevo famous historical events that took place on this earth in the XII- XIII century during the formation of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. There are ruins of Krevo Castle, where in 1385 an act was signed Krevsk Union – a treaty of alliance of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish Kingdom.


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