Excursion – Lida – Castle Gediminas

By city: Lida

Duration of excursion – 8 hours

Kilometrage of the route: 250 km.


Tour of the city of Lida and Lida Castle. Visiting the ancient Belarusian town of Lida, you will plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Lida is famous for its castle, which was the initiator of the construction of the prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – Gedymin, where in 1422 in the halls of feasting for the marriage of an elderly 71-year-old Jagiello and 17-year-old Sophia Golshanskaya, who became his 4th wife. In the castle you will visit one of the towers and military galleries, a walk through the patio during the tour. Also, you are waiting for an animation program, during which you will visit the royal wedding Jagiello, master class training sword and medieval dances, try on armor, treats.

Lida – this is one of the most fascinating cities in the Grodno region, where lakes and parks as well as possible combined with the whole bulk of magnificent attractions. Lida was founded in 1323 by Prince Gedymin and to this day is the most popular point of visiting fans of tourism in Belarus. “Dazhynki 2010” radically changed and without a well-kept town. The city has become more modern and at the same time has not lost its charm, which allows up to their European counterparts.

Lida – a city that combines ancient and modern. Leeds Castle is widely known for its many mysteries and legends, ghosts and tournaments, it fills an outstanding city. Ancient temple converted planetarium, ancient artifacts found here, the Second World War monuments – all supported the spirit of the city.

Lida – a city of legends and mysteries. She still keeps the secret of his name. What is this? Female name or translated from the Lithuanian language the word “swamp”? Is Princess Lydia There? Rove there really a ghost in the walls of the castle of Leeds? Is there a river Lideika?


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