Excursion – Historical and Cultural Complex Stalin’s line

By city: Minsk, Zaslavl

Duration of excursion – 9 hours

Kilometrage of the route: 75 km.


In Belarus, a lot of medieval castles and fortresses from the border zone of the Russian Empire the fortress, there is a concrete fortifications of the First World War, the strengthening of the border in 1939, the so-called “Molotov Line”. But the most imposing fortification ensemble of fortifications are the famous “Stalin Line”, crosses the entire territory of the former Soviet Union from the Baltic to the Black Sea. In Belarus there are four former fortified “Stalin Line”.

The complex was created using traditional construction, which was attended by state and public organizations, enterprises of different ownership forms, enthusiasts. The main brunt of work on the creation of the museum rests on the shoulders of divisions of engineering troops of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus. Open complex June 30, 2005. It aims not only to perpetuate a grand system of fortifications areas “Stalin Line”, but also become a symbol of the heroic struggle of the Soviet people against the German fascist invaders.

Zaslavl – old Russian village, located 27 km north-west of Minsk. It was founded in the late tenth century. Kievan Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich. According to legend, Zaslavl was presented to the former wife of Prince Rogneda and son Izyaslav. Obviously, hence there was a city name.
In the past, from the middle of the XVI century. Zaslavl was heavily fortified. Now from the former castle fortifications well preserved ramparts and moats. Earthworks with four bastions in the corners, in the past dressed stone, successfully completed the hill, creating overpowering defense of the castle, enhanced irrigation system. Historical and Cultural Complex “Stalin Line” – one of the most grandiose fortification Asamblei in Belarus. It was created for the 60th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War at the initiative of the charity fund “Memory of Afghanistan” with the support of the President of Belarus.


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