Excursion – Mir and Nesvizh Castles

By city: Mir, Nesvizh

Duration of excursion – 8 hours

Kilometrage of the route: 250 km.


The tour introduces Mir that will tell you about the life of the Belarusian village, where for centuries is closely intertwined destinies, culture and everyday life of Belarusians, Poles, Jews, Roma and Tatars. You will visit the Main Market Square, which are located in close proximity Orthodox church (Trinity Church retrospective Russian style), Catholic church (St. Nicholas, built in stone in the early XVII century) and the Jewish synagogue.

Powerful stone walls and towers of the medieval giant will welcome you – Mir Castle of XVI century. You will learn the history of the construction of this monumental Gothic structures, hear the story of his famous hosts (Ilyinich, great Radziwills and Prince Svyatopolk-Mirsky). Castle tells about the period of its grandeur and bleak years of war and devastation, when its mighty walls sheltered from the enemy all the inhabitants of the surrounding villages. You will be able to descend into its dark dungeons to explore the museum exhibits ancient weapons and armor, climb the narrow spiral staircase to the tower.

City tour of Nesvizh – the former residence of one of the most illustrious magnate families of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – the Radziwill family – one of the oldest and most mysterious cities of Belarus. You will visit the church of Corpus Christi, the first in Eastern Europe, a monument in the Baroque style, built by the Italian architect Giovanni Maria Bernardoni at the request of Prince Radziwill the Orphan. The interior of the temple is richly decorated with fresco paintings. The main altar is decorated with the painting “The Last Supper.” The church is the burial place of tribal princes Radziwill – the third largest crypt in Europe. Nesvizh church deservedly put next to the famous crypt of the Habsburgs in Vienna and the pantheon of the Spanish monarchs in the castle complex El Escorial, near Madrid.

In Nesvizh You will see Slutskaya Brama – original monument of Baroque architecture, once part of the city fortification system and to serve as the entrance gate to the Slutsky tract. Experience the historical center of the Old Town City Hall end XVI – early XVII centuries. – The oldest surviving town halls Belarus, shopping arcade, the Market Square, the home of a craftsman, a monument of the Baroque – Benedictine monastery.

Nepovtormy appearance gives Nesvizh palace and park complex (XVI-XVII centuries.), Surrounded by myths about legendary treasures of the Radziwill family and the Black Spades. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the architecture of the palace, the history of its creation and construction, life and quirks of its famous owners, thoughtful stroll through the alleys of the old park.


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