Excursion – Myadel – Naroch – Postavy

By city: Myadel, Naroch, Postavy

Duration of excursion – 10 hours

Kilometrage of the route: 350 km.


On the rich history of the area can tell Myadel 8 9 churches and churches that were built in the area 17-21 centuries. It is impossible to ignore the majestic Basilica Budslav church with the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, which attracts thousands of pilgrims from different countries. The most impressive sight is the neo-Gothic d.Naroch church of St. Andrew, built in nach.20. red brick. Preserved in the village and the Orthodox Church of Elijah the 80s. 19 in., Remarkable temples in Konstantinovo, Svir, Zasviri, Shemetava, the Princess, Krivichi estate in Komarovo, Olshevo. About the history of the region tells Miadzieł Museum of national glory.

Myadel is primarily known as one of Belarus’ major resort towns and is the center of the largest resort “Naroch” zone. There are functioning sanatorium “Naroch” holiday home “Naroch”, National Children’s Health Camp “Zubrenok” sanatorium MIA “Belaya Rus”, turgostinitsa “Naroch”, avtoturbaza “Narochanka” pensions “Builder”, “Sputnik”, “Crane” “Priozernaya”, “Borovoye”, numerous farms and recreation centers and other. It creates turiststkih parking, walking trails, nature trails and recreational facilities. Magnificent recreation and health improvement contributes to the presence of mineral springs, mud, clean pine curative air.

On the territory of Postavy region there are numerous monuments of nature. To the monuments of republican significance attributed grief Lighthouse, Boyarovschina, Lysa. Monument of history is considered a stone cross with the inscription 15-16 centuries. in d.Kamai. Preserved architectural monuments of 17-20 centuries. in Kamala Village, Gruzdova, beam Mankovichi and others. Postavy protected historical buildings center 2nd half of the 18th c., among the monuments stand out the Church of St. Anthony 1880-87 gg., St. Nicholas Church in 1894, the palace -parkovy Tyzengauz complex.

Since 1992 in Postavy held an international festival of folk music “Zvіnyats Tsymbalov i garmonіk”.


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