Excursion – Polotsk – visit Saint Sophia Cathedral

By city: Polotsk

Duration of excursion – 8 hours

Kilometrage of the route: 550 km.


Polotsk … City-patriarch, the town chronicler, the birthplace of St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk, Vseslav Magician, Francis Skaryna, the Belarusian giant of history, not studied and remained an enigma to the end. From time immemorial, having gone through the tumultuous events in the life of his people survived to our time, many relics of Polotsk. Rendezvous with Polotsk – a date with eternity. This eternity meet at the walls of St. Sophia, look through the eyes of the church frescoes Euphrosyne. The history of this city connected Rogneda unusual fate of Princess and Prince Vseslav-Sorcerer, nun Euphrosyne enlightener, Simeon of Polotsk, pioneer Francis Skorina.

You will visit the so-called Upper Castle – a place in the X century, is surrounded by rivers and deep moats, there was impregnable at the time, Detinets Polotsk – the administrative center of the ancient city. You will see the St. Sophia Cathedral – the Cathedral of Polotsk, built by Byzantine architects in XI-XII centuries as Polotsk equality symbol of the Second Rome -. Constantinople and the rivalry with the great Russian cities of Kiev and Novgorod, inspect the museum and go down into the dungeon, you will hear a concert of organ music. Near the cathedral is a unique monument of writing the XII century. – Borisov stone, still among scientists there is no consensus about the inscription on the stone, some believe that the inscription was stamped on an ancient pagan boulder as a symbol of the new faith – Christianity, others associate the label with the hungry years of 1127 – 1128 years,. others believe the stones monuments hostilities Boris.

A visit to the Spaso-Euphrosyne – a recognized center of the Belarusian Orthodox Church and spirituality, here you will be able to venerate the relics of St. Euphrosyne and venerate the Holy Cross. Acting Spaso-Euphrosyne Monastery – one of the first female Orthodox monasteries of Russia, founded in the XII century. St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk. The pearl of the Monastery – Spaso-Euphrosyne Church with unique frescoes of the XII century. One of the most precious relics of the monastery is the famous Cross of Saint Euphrosyne, created in 1161 by jeweler-craftsman Lazar Bogsha (cross disappeared during the war, now in the monastery kept a copy of it). This cross and the relics of the patron saint became an object of worship of thousands of pilgrims each year arrive in Polotsk.

On request it is possible to visit such museums as the Museum of Polotsk-library of Simeon of Polotsk, Polotsk Museum of Battle Glory, Polotsk Museum of History of Architecture of the Sophia Cathedral. The buildings of the ancient monastery of the Epiphany – the exposition of the Polotsk Belarusian Museum of printing. The museum is dedicated to the book in all its aspects, from the first hand-written scrolls to contemporary books, introduces visitors to the history of writing, stationery, book illustration, printing. It is the only museum of this type in Belarus.


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