Excursion – Museum of Folk Architecture and Life Strochitsy

By city: Minsk, Ozertso

Duration of excursion – 4 hours

Kilometrage of the route: 70 km.


Strochitsy is the only open-air museum in Belarus folk architecture and culture. The main idea of ​​the base – all present Belarus at a small size area. This unique museum-skanser was created to showcase and preserve wood construction, household items, promotion of traditions and arts. The museum was built on the river Ptich, between the villages and Ozertso Strochitsy. It consists of three historical and ethnographic regions. They all have their own characteristics and household facilities, planning and building settlements.

The open air museum was founded in 1976. It was divided into three ethnographic section – Central, Lake District and the Dnieper. In them you can see the architectural features of these regions. The museum is the 18th century Church of the Intercession, windmill, barn, forge, sauna, school, theater Batleyka, houses rich and poor peasants, that is the real picture of the Belarusian village. The houses and outbuildings are traditional household items, agricultural tools and objects of applied art.

Each year, the host to many events, including folk festivals “Masljanica”, “Verbnitsa”, “Midsummer” and others, as well as cultural and entertainment events in Strochitsy (Ozertso village) – “Teacher’s Day”, “Last Call” and others. Recently, the museum have become very popular open-air festivals: Folk Fest “Kamyanіtsa” and concerts of world classics. The museum is of great interest for people who want to learn more about the history, culture and daily life of the people drevnegobelorusskogo. All the local buildings 19-20 century remained untouched since then. You can enter any of the houses and get to know the everyday life of the peasants.

For tourists there are presented different types of excursions, including 1.5-3 hour tour with folk songs, fun and costumes and ceremonial events ( “Belarusian vyaselle”, “Kalyada” and many others). Guests can visit the interesting lectures: Belarusian wedding, ceramic tile, and other Belarusian tavern. For visitors to the restaurant “Belarusian Tavern” works in the museum. Here you can enjoy delicious traditional Belarusian cuisine. Beyond the possible rent a place with tables, benches and barbecue, and cook kebabs.


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