Goa – Indian Resort is substantially different from the rest of the mysterious India. Thanks to the mild climate, exceptionally beautiful nature and atmosphere of freedom and fun this place is one of the most popular with tourists from around the world. That’s why you should pay attention to early to book tour in Goa to have time to choose for themselves the best hotel at the most attractive prices.

Holidays in Goa will show you a truly friendly and friendly attitude of the locals do not like the attitude towards newcomers in other states of India. Blue ocean, tropical nature, gentle breezes, tranquility and excellent opportunities for sports is only part of the opportunities offered in this place.

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Along the coast to build a hotel known world networks, hotels without star general, cozy and exotic locals huts with roofs of palm leaves, restaurants, cafes and bars. Near beaches unfold bright and motley markets where you can buy anything.

For fans of noisy youth recreation is right for North Goa, and also for family holidays and for lovers of peace and solitude are much more suitable for South Goa. Where you can quietly enjoy the excellent conditions for diving, fishing and other aquatic pleasures, meditate, in short, to enjoy peace and tranquility in a truly heavenly place.

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Hotel Goveia Holiday Homes
Departure date: 02.02.2016 | Moskow | 10 days
Meals: breakfast
2 persons
Beach vacation
Goa, India
$ 642

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